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Cost of gastric sleeve surgery – how to pay for it

Posted on 29 May, 2018

The most common question we get asked is how much does weight loss surgery cost.

And how to pay for it?

The answer depends on whether you have private health insurance or not.

If you have private health insurance, check with your health fund as to whether it covers you for item number 31575.

If your health fund does cover you, then your out of pocket cost is about $4000. This is not refundable from anyone. There may be some extra costs on top of that from anesthetist, pathology and dietary supplements.

What if you are not in  a private health fund? Then it can get more costly. The total costs can come up to about $16000. Only a small part of this can be claimed back from medicare. Again there is about $4000 upfront with the remainder to be paid after surgery.

There are several ways people finance their surgery.

1. Withdraw from their superannuation. You need to submit this form


with supporting letters from your GP and your surgeon from our clinic to the Department of Human Services.

This process usually takes about six weeks from the time you submit your form.

2. Withdraw from your mortgage

3. Apply for a loan.

4. Join a health fund and wait the year for it to kick in. This can be a good time to focus on weight loss.

Good luck with your weight loss surgery. If there are any questions please contact us on drkenwo@hotmail.com or via phone at (02) 4323 7000. Research gastric sleeve prices Australia to better understand the investment involved.