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Failed Lap Band Converted to Gastric Sleeve

There is a high failure rate associated with lap bands, some of these include:

  1. Failure to lose weight
  2. Erosion of the band
  3. Patient is unable to tolerate the band – constant reflux, vomiting, pains

One of the solutions is to remove the lap band and then after three months, proceed to sleeve gastrectomy. This process does carry risks. Due to the scarring created by the band, there is an increased complication rate.

There is a higher leak rate, quoted at about 5%. Leak from the gastric sleeve staple line can cause death, lengthy hospital stay, ventilation in intensive care and the need for multiple major operations. It could require several months in hospital.

There is a ten per cent failure rate – that is, ten per cent of patients undergoing a gastric sleeve after lap band do not lose weight. In fact, some gain weight.

The weight loss is not predictable.

Dr. Ken Wong has converted many failed bands into gastric sleeves, but would still advise caution before undergoing such surgery. Achieve your weight loss goals with the help of gastric weight loss surgery newcastle at our clinic.