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Gastric Sleeve Newcastle

Gastric Sleeve Newcastle

The following Gastric Sleeve Newcastle Surgery information is for residents of Newcastle, the surrounding area, Maitland, Singleton, Hunter Valley, and Nelson Bay who may be considering undergoing a Gastric procedure. Central Coast Surgery offers weight loss surgery to residents all along the eastern coastline of Australia.

Our resident surgeon, Dr Ken Wong, has performed bariatric surgery on many patients from the Maitland area, and all over the country. An expert in the field of experienced bariatric surgery, Dr Ken Wong is backed up by a team of psychologists, dieticians, and esteemed specialist physicians in public and private hospitals within NSW. The multidisciplinary obesity surgery Central Coast Surgery team offers an exceptional medical practice that takes each patient through every step of the process of addressing excessive weight gain.

For visitors from Maitland and the Hunter region, the Central Coast is a wonderful place to visit and recover from bariatric surgery. Removed from the bustle and stress of a big city, all of our obesity surgery procedures take place in the exceptional facilities of Gosford & Wyong Public Hospitals, Gosford Private Hospital and Brisbane Waters Private Hospitals.

If you are travelling for weight loss surgery, we are just an hour’s drive north, in the Central Coast. We offer comfortable bariatric surgery accommodation within public and private hospitals for every patient to enjoy a relaxed and restful environment to recover and begin their long term lifestyle change in. Continue reading for more information on our experienced practice and the obesity surgery procedures that we offer to those in Newcastle.



How Gastric Sleeve Surgery NSW Works


This type of laparoscopic surgery involves a process of removing a large portion of the stomach, leaving behind a small stomach pouch or “sleeve” for digestion. We generally tell our Newcastle obesity surgery patients that this type of bariatric surgery will leave them with a stomach that is two thirds smaller than pre-surgery – although, results and how much stomach removal takes place will always depend and vary from patient to patient.

Gastric Sleeve Newcastle Surgery is a commonly practised bariatric surgery for those suffering from obesity. Performed laparoscopically by highly esteemed surgeon Dr. Kenneth Wong; small incisions are made to the abdomen, ensuring fast recovery, a simple healing process and minimal scarring. In a public or private hospital, patients are placed under general anaesthetic before the laparoscope, and several other specialist surgical instruments are then passed through the small incisions to perform the keyhole surgery. As well as removing a large portion of the stomach, the procedure will also involve removing part of the stomach that produces ghrelin (the hormone that boosts hunger and appetite).



diagram showing what is involved in newcastle gastric sleeve



Surgeons will then remove a portion of the stomach, to leave the remaining pouch sealed with surgical staples. The end result is a smaller stomach, leaving patients consuming smaller amounts of food before experiencing the feeling of fullness. With a relatively short private hospital recovery, our weight loss surgery patients will be able to carry on with usual activities in a matter of weeks.

As minimally invasive bariatric surgery procedure, this type of laparoscopic operation is both an irreversible and permanent obesity procedure. Unlike gastric bypass surgery, you cannot reverse a gastrectomy. While every bariatric surgery comes with risks to the patient, this is one of the safest procedures performed in Australia. Furthermore, our resident Central Coast specialist surgeons, including Dr Ken Wong, are at the forefront of advanced weight loss surgery in Australia. Further information on Dr Ken Wong and his credentials can be found on our practice website.

Comprehensive pre and post operative support is an essential service provided by Dr. Ken Wong and the Central Coast Surgery team. Post operative education for all of our sleeve gastrectomy procedures mean that you will not need to rely on only support groups for information and pre and post care procedures.



Suitability of Sleeve Gastrectomy


Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery is a laparoscopic procedure in which the main priority is limiting the amount of food a person can consume. Making losing weight a much easier endeavour, this type of Newcastle obesity surgery is incredibly useful for people who have struggled with obesity and have attempted numerous weight loss routes and exercise but continue to struggle losing weight and keep it off.

When it comes to weight loss surgery, a gastrectomy involves a large portion of the stomach being entirely removed. That means that the patient will be left with a significantly smaller pouch, preventing them from over-eating and consuming large portions of food. The feeling of fullness will be felt much earlier on, completely changing one’s obesity eating habits.

Weight loss surgery procedures may be useful for people who want to limit the amount of food they eat, who want to change their eating habits and those who are ready to adopt a new, healthy lifestyle but need some help kickstarting the process of losing weight. Not only will this type of Newcastle obesity surgery dramatically reduce the size of the stomach, but the procedure will also include removing parts of the stomach that produce ghrelin, reducing the likelihood of obesity behaviours like binge eating and over-consumption.

Weight loss surgery is very useful in improving and controlling many obesity-related health conditions such as back pain, sleep apnoea, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and depression. As well as supporting physical weight loss, surgical intervention often helps to eliminate many of the medical problems associated with obesity.

The actual amount of weight a patient will lose after obesity surgery will depend on several factors, including level of obesity, age, weight pre-surgery, overall health, ability to exercise, and commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle long term. However, gastric sleeve obesity surgery is one of the most effective weight-loss surgeries performed in public and private hospital systems in Australia.



Is Weight Loss Surgery a Possibility for You?


If you are considering weight loss surgery including gastric bypass, sleeve, or banding, get in touch with our weight loss surgery clinic at Central Coast Surgery to discuss your long term options and get more information. For laparoscopic surgical intervention, suitable candidates tend to be those suffering from morbid obesity, with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of at least 35 or more. Such high levels of obesity put patients at risk of life-threatening conditions including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and some forms of cancer.

Medicare will generally cover some of the costs if the patient qualifies their obesity guidelines. Eligibility obesity criteria are primarily based on BMI (Body Mass Index) and the presence of obesity-related complications. Patients typically have to have a BMI of at least 40 (this translates to being overweight by 45 kilograms or more), or the patient must have a BMI of at least 30 (13.5 kilograms overweight), and suffer from at least one obesity-related severe, co-morbid health concern. For more information on Medicare rebates in Australia, head to their website for obesity procedures information.



criteria that makes patients the ideal candidate for gastric sleeve surgery



Obesity surgery is ideally targeted at patients with morbid obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome because of the enormous benefit derived by treatment and the large risk of premature mortality engendered by these obesity-related diseases.

Weight loss surgery may be a potential route for you if you have already attempted numerous weight loss ventures without long term success. This type of obesity surgery can reduce your weight to a safe level and help you in maintaining a lower weight through decreased eating. However, obesity surgery is not designed for people who simply want to lose a small amount of weight or sculpt a certain area of their body. Our sleeve gastrectomy NSW procedures only work with patients who are willing to make life-long commitments to living a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.



The Benefits of Newcastle Obesity Surgery


Patients suffering from morbid obesity will benefit significantly as obesity surgery dramatically reduces the amount of food one can consume. Not only will a patient’s degree of obesity be reduced, but the obesity surgery can also help to lower the risk of developing life-threatening illnesses or having their life prematurely shortened.

A significantly important benefit will be the associated mental health benefits that come with weight loss and leading a healthy lifestyle. For those suffering from extreme weight gain and obesity, it’s not uncommon to experience feelings of depression and social awkwardness. Addressing morbid obesity can increase self-esteem, self-confidence, and improve overall mental health. For more information on the mental benefits of losing weight, talk to your GP.

Our procedures make it a lot easier to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle through natural means by reducing the amount of food needed to satisfy hunger. When you work with Central Coast Surgery for specialist weight loss procedures, you will be assigned a multidisciplinary team of obesity experts including a surgeon, bariatric physician, dietician and psychologist to assist you in the journey to reclaiming your health and your life.


Gastric Sleeve Newcastle Surgery


How Do I Prepare for Gastric Sleeve Surgery Newcastle?


Before you undergo weight loss surgery, our weight loss clinic will do everything to ensure you are well prepared for the procedure. You will consult with your bariatric surgeon, a physician, a dietician and a psychologist to make sure you are well prepared and informed for your bariatric surgery.

We routinely perform blood tests on all patients before Newcastle obesity surgery, to test:

  • Full blood count
  • Blood group
  • Diabetes screening test
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Kidney, liver & thyroid function
  • Minerals and vitamins base level

Before your procedure, we may also arrange a chest X-ray or ECG, depending on your medical history or potential risks.

To prepare for the procedure, patients may also need to lose weight, start exercising or change their diet to prepare for the Newcastle obesity surgery procedure. Changing food and exercise behaviours before the procedure will help the patient to grow accustomed to living a healthier lifestyle before the dramatic obesity surgery. We recommend changing the groceries in your household in the coming weeks before your procedure to ensure you are not tempted by unhealthy and processed foods.

If you’re a smoker, you will be advised to quit smoking before your procedure. Stopping smoking will speed up recovery and reduce the risk of post-operative complication. In many cases, a bariatric surgeon may refuse to operate on a patient until they are able to successfully stop smoking.

During your many consultations with our weight loss clinicians, your doctor will go over the specific pre-operative obesity surgery instructions including of any changes you need to make to medicines and diet. Generally, obesity surgery patients will be required to:

  • Go on a liquid diet two or three weeks before the procedure
  • Avoid eating after midnight and on the day before the procedure
  • Ask a family member, spouse or friend to offer support at the public or private hospital during and after the procedure

You can also prepare for your procedure by being organised. Make a list of all of the items you will need to take into public or private hospital for your obesity surgery and prepare for the post-operative healing process. Make sure you have loose and comfortable “transition” clothes – your body will be sore and tender after your procedure, and the weight loss after gastric sleeve can be dramatic. You can also prep your home, meals, medications and sleeping arrangements for post-operative care.



Gastric Sleeve Costs NSW


At Central Coast Surgery, our weight loss procedure costs are very dependent on whether or not a patient has private health insurance. The cost of gastric sleeve Newcastle surgery information will be discussed in depth in the initial bariatric surgery consultation, with an additional written quote.

For gastric sleeve Maitland and the Hunter Valley costs NSW, insured patients will be out of pocket approximately $3,500. These fees cover the initial consultations, the actual procedure in a private hospital, follow-up appointments, and consultations with the dietician, physician, surgeons and psychologist.

The additional costs not included in Central Coast Surgery NSW fees are those not directly associated with our clinic. These fees include general anaesthetic fees, assistance to the surgeons and pathology fees in Australia.

Patients who are not insured will be out of pocket approximately $20,000. These fees cover everything from obesity clinician fees to additional private hospital costs and anaesthetist expenses.

If you are not insured for obesity surgery or do not have cover weight-loss surgical intervention, you still have the option to either upgrade your insurance levels to ensure coverage. Alternatively, you can find a new insurance company that will provide adequate obesity and weight loss surgery cover. Check with your insurance provider for more information on your policy.



The benefits of gastric sleeve surgery



While the costs of obesity surgery in NSW may be overwhelming, it’s important to consider the seriousness of bariatric procedures and the lifestyle changes that come with weight loss surgery. If you are suffering from obesity, you should understand the seriousness of your condition and what it will take to get your health back on track with weight loss surgery. Gastric Sleeve procedures are lifechanging and have the capacity to provide a permanent weight loss solution for those struggling with clinical obesity.

Central Coast Surgery is a nationally recognised weight loss practice providing medically intervening obesity procedures. Our experienced surgeons service the Central Coast and throughout NSW, offering treatment for obesity patients all the way from Sydney to the Central Coast, the Hunter Valley and in between. The principal surgeon for our gastric Newcastle NSW procedures is Dr Ken Wong, one of Australia’s most experienced surgeons specialising in keyhole weight loss surgery and bariatric procedures.

Our clinic works closely with each bariatric patient to provide the best possible obesity support and weight loss progress they desire. We are committed to providing the right help to those who are committed to making changes through obesity surgery. Through our comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to Newcastle Obesity Surgery, we can help overweight patients to change their lives for the better. Our surgeons strive to provide an exceptional public or private hospital and operative experience – our specialist clinic will set you up for a restful recovery following the obesity surgery, before supporting you on altering your life for the better. If you’d like more information on our obesity surgeries, get in touch with our practice to learn more.



What Happens During Gastric Sleeve Surgery?


This type of bariatric procedure is almost always done laparoscopically and is relatively minimally invasive. Laparoscopically means that a long, thin tube is inserted into your abdomen through several small incisions. The laparoscope also has a light and a tiny camera attached to it as well as various instruments.

The operation is completed under general anaesthesia – a drug that will keep the patient unconscious, so they do not feel pain, move or be aware during obesity surgery. The surgeon will then use a stapling device to create a small tube or sleeve of the smaller portion of the stomach. Then, the obesity surgery will involve removing the rest of the stomach.

On average, about 80% of the outer stomach is removed. This will depend largely on the patient and their starting weight. The edges of the remaining stomach are stapled or sutured together, creating a sleeve that will then act as the stomach for the patient.

The surgery will take about one hour in total. Once the obesity surgery is complete, you’ll be moved from the operating theatre, into a post-operative recovery room while you wake up from anaesthesia. Sleeve procedures generally only require an overnight stay or 2-3 days in the private hospital before the patient will be able to go home.


Image of Gastric Sleeve Newcastle surgery

What Can I Expect After Gastric Sleeve Procedure?


After your operation, you can expect to feel quite drowsy from the anaesthetic. Your body will be sore, but you’ll have access to pain relief immediately following your procedure. Patients undergoing sleeve bariatric surgery will generally recover pretty quickly within the first few days. By two weeks, most patients feel they have adequately recovered and can get back to work.

You may require help and support following the first few days after your procedure. Much like gastric bypass and gastric banding surgery, heavy lifting, intensive exercise and general physical exertion should be avoided for at least a week.

After your operation, you won’t really feel like eating for at least a couple of hours. You can expect to get your appetite back in the days following the obesity surgery, and you’ll be put on a strict liquid diet to allow your stomach to heal. Over the next few weeks, you will be switched to pureed foods, before venturing onto solids. Given that the size of your stomach will be significantly smaller, your meal portions will be small before you feel full.

You will need to make considerable lifestyle changes after your weight loss procedure to lose weight and keep it off. We ensure that all of our patients work closely with our dietician to ensure that they are adopting healthy eating behaviours that will stand the test of time. Depending on each patient, they may also be required to take vitamins and supplements to ensure they are absorbing the right minerals and vitamins.

After your obesity surgery procedure, you will also have to increase the physical activity that you partake in. A gastric sleeve procedure will significantly help in becoming a more active, fit and healthy participant in physical exercise.



When Should I Consider Gastric Sleeve Surgery?


Gastric sleeve Newcastle surgery is an option for those who have attempted numerous weight loss routes with no success. Your doctor may suggest gastric sleeve surgery if your BMI (Body Mass Index) is at least 40 (or 35 and you have other comorbid obesity-related health conditions). Losing weight with gastric sleeve obesity surgery can help to reduce problems with type 2 diabetes, blood pressure, cardiovascular health and asthma. In some cases, gastric sleeve surgery Newcastle may be more appropriate for patients whose BMI (Body Mass Index) is too high for other weight-loss surgeries like gastric bypass or gastric banding.

You should consider gastric sleeve obesity surgery if you are serious about making dramatic changes to your lifestyle for the better. Much like gastric banding and gastric bypass, candidates for gastric sleeve surgery have generally tried to lose weight for at least six months with dieting and exercise with little result. While the success of gastric sleeve surgery is relatively high, the procedure is not recommended for those who are not committed to making serious diet and exercise changes after obesity surgery.

Gastric sleeve surgery Newcastle is not a quick-fix solution for rapidly losing weight. The procedure is minimally invasive, however, involves removing a large portion of the stomach. Given the stomach is removed from the body, gastric sleeve surgery is not reversible - gastric banding and gastric bypass often is. Undergoing this type of procedure is a huge step in changing your life and your body – sleeve gastrectomy is not cosmetic surgery. It will only be successful in the long-term if the patient is wholeheartedly committed to not going back to unhealthy behaviours.

After the procedure, the patient will need to make big, lifelong changes to their food consumption behaviours, including portion sizing and healthy, natural foods. Regular exercise is also a crucial element in keeping the weight off and adopting a healthier lifestyle. Many gastric sleeve patients will regain weight after a couple of years because they have not made these permanent changes and stuck to them. Those considering a gastric sleeve need to ensure they are well aware and committed to adopting a healthy, balanced lifestyle long after they have healed from the procedure.



What Can Go Wrong?


This is a relatively safe procedure. However, as is the way with all major bariatric surgeries like gastric banding and gastric bypass, there is the risk of complication. Some complications can occur after operation. These include:

  • Gastric leaks: Stomach fluids leak from the sutures into the stomach from where it was stapled or sewn back together.
  • Stenosis: Part of the stomach sleeve can close, obstructing the stomach.
  • Vitamin deficiencies: The portion of the stomach that is removed is partly responsible for absorbing vitamins and minerals. After the procedure, you may need to take vitamins and supplements to avoid any deficiencies.
  • Heartburn: The procedure can result in heartburn or worsening of existing heartburn.
  • Haemorrhaging: Bleeding from the surgical wound or inside the body can result in shock in severe cases.
  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT): Sleeve gastrectomy, gastric banding and gastric bypass surgery and recovering from a bariatric operation can increase the risk of blood clots in the veins.


The Central Coast Surgery obesity clinic also offer Newcastle patients with a wide variety of Newcastle obesity surgery options, including gastric bypass surgery and gastric banding surgery. Performed in private hospital facilities, our Newcastle patients have the opportunity to undergo any of our bariatric surgeries for obesity, without having to travel too far.



Gastric Sleeve Newcastle Surgeon Dr Ken Wong


Choosing Central Coast Surgery for Newcastle Obesity Treatment


Dr Ken Wong is an experienced bariatric surgeon, providing a sleeve, gastric bypass and gastric banding surgery to those suffering from extreme and morbid obesity. An expert in the field of weight loss surgery, Dr Ken Wong performs hundreds of weight loss procedures every year. Most of our procedures are completed laparoscopically, including gastric banding surgery and gastric bypass surgery when applicable.

Performing these surgeries laparoscopically, Dr Ken Wong is able to provide a minimally invasive procedure with faster recovery time for all weight loss patients. Where bariatric surgery can be quite daunting and dramatic as it is, the laparoscopic gastric surgery route alleviates unnecessary discomfort, pain and abdominal weakness.

Gastric bypass Newcastle is an alternative to a sleeve procedure, wherein the surgeon creates a small stomach pouch and attaches it to a different part of the small intestine. Gastric bypass surgery is different from sleeve gastrectomy in that the procedure involves adapting the digestive route, for malabsorption purposes. If you’d like to learn more about gastric bypass surgery, you can find out more on our gastric bypass informational page for all patients in the Central Coast & Newcastle.

Gastric banding refers to another bariatric surgery that works to support weight loss. A third alternative to gastric sleeve surgery, gastric banding works by placing a small, inflatable band on the stomach, to create a smaller section or “pouch”. The band works to aid weight loss by filling up earlier, and preventing the patient from overeating and putting on excess weight. Unlike gastric sleeve surgery, gastric banding is not permanent, and the band will eventually need to be removed.

All of our procedures take place in private hospital facilities, where Dr Ken Wong will be your expert bariatric surgeon. Whether you are undergoing gastric sleeve, gastric banding or gastric bypass bariatric surgery, you will be well taken care of in a private hospital along the Central Coast. All of our Newcastle medical obesity patients are offered fantastic specialist treatment, with our clinic prioritising post-operative care and healing.

Bariatric surgery is not something to be taken lightly. Whether you’re considering gastric bypass, gastric banding or gastric sleeve, it’s important to choose a clinic that you can trust, and you are confident in. What’s more, Newcastle obesity surgery candidates need to carefully consider their treatment of obesity and ensure they are well aware that bariatric surgery is merely a step in a long-term game. The post-operative choices that one makes will be critical in how successful their weight loss procedure is.

If you’d like to learn more, just phone 02 4323 7000 to contact us at the Central Coast Clinic and talk to someone about Newcastle gastric sleeve and bariatric surgery options. Once you contact us, we can provide further information on what your options are and what our clinic can do for your obesity treatment.

Once you’ve been talked through the various procedures, we will have you in for your first appointment. Our dedicated, helpful and knowledgeable reception staff will be there to help you with any administrative questions or problems that you may encounter. From there, you will have full access to our specialist team of surgeons, physicians, dieticians and psychologists. At Central Coast Surgery, we strongly believe that the best way to successfully treat obesity with bariatric surgery is to rely on a multi-disciplinary team of specialist weight-loss experts.

We’re here to provide all of our Newcastle obesity surgery patients with safe and effective weight loss operations, comprehensive pre and post-operative education and ongoing post weight loss surgery care that supports a healthy lifestyle. From face to face support groups to online support and access to a wide range of medical specialists, Central Coast Surgery is not just here to provide you with gastric sleeve, gastric banding or gastric bypass surgery. We’re here to help you successfully lose weight, keep it off, and lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. You’ll be able to contact us at any time, for any issues you may be experiencing.



Who We Work With


In all honesty, Newcastle obesity surgery may not be 100% suitable for everyone. If you are considering obesity surgery for weight-loss treatment, and you wish to get started, you first need to understand the complexities of treating obesity with surgery. Whether you’ve heard about gastric sleeve, gastric banding or bypass gastric surgery in Newcastle, the decision to have obesity surgery is not one that should be taken lightly.

The treatment of obesity comes in many forms, including those of bypass gastric, banding, and sleeve surgery gastric procedures. However, there are also many other aspects of weight loss and treatment of obesity that should be considered before undertaking Newcastle obesity surgery with Central Coast Surgery.

When you first contact us, we take the time to carefully consider whether you and your situation are suitable for surgery gastric procedures. This means taking a look at your previous attempts to undergo treatment of obesity and your past success rate when it comes to eating healthy, exercising and sticking to a balanced lifestyle. While you may have struggled to undergo drastic changes in the past, if you cannot make a life-long commitment to a healthier version of yourself, Newcastle obesity surgery may not be the route to weight loss for you.



Revision Surgery For Obesity Treatment


As well as offering sleeve surgery gastric procedures, bypass gastric operations, and gastric bypass weight loss surgery, we also offer revision surgery for Newcastle obesity surgery patients. Revision surgery refers to any operation wherein a patient has already previously undergone a form of bariatric surgery and have either had complications from such surgery or have not successfully achieved expected results from the initial procedure.

Revision surgery is not a back-up plan for those who do not make the necessary changes to their lifestyles and subsequently re-gain their pre-operative weight. Revision surgery is for patients who experience complications or have not successfully achieved significant weight loss results from the initial surgery.

Central Coast Surgery offer revision surgery to a variety of existing patients and patients who have had unsuccessful results with other weight loss clinics. Whether you have experienced a problem with your initial procedure or are struggling to experience lasting results from your private hospital weight loss surgery, we can help. Just contact us to talk to one of our specialists – phone 02 4323 7000 today to talk to someone about our revision procedures and whether you are a candidate.

The team at Central Coast Surgery are the leading experts in the treatment of obesity in Newcastle and Australia. All of our procedures are undertaken in private hospitals to provide our patients with the best possible quality of pre and post-operative care. If you’d like to learn more about what we can do for you, contact us and phone 02 4323 7000. Our phone number and reception staff are available to all who are seeking advice on obesity treatment – just contact us, and we’ll answer your questions as best as we can.