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Benefits of Sleeve Gastrectomy

Choosing to have Sleeve Gastrectomy is a decision that is not made lightly…

However, Sleeve Gastrectomy is a decision that can have so many benefits including increased fitness and health, an enhanced sense of wellbeing, an improved body image and an enriched quality of life. Sleeve Gastrectomy is a procedure that should only be considered after traditional exercise, diet and medication have failed to result in long term weight loss.


  • Almost everyone will lose weight once gastric sleeve surgery has been performed
  • It is a keyhole surgery therefore has shorter hospital stay and quicker recovery.
  • No monthly follow-up nor needle injections required
  • If no complications arise within the first two weeks, it is unlikely that any major complication will arise in the longer term
  • Quicker and more rapid weight loss than gastric band
  • Higher cure rate for diabetes

Potential complications:

  • Obese patients with higher BMI may need a second procedure a few years down the track
  • Bleeding at the staple line, requiring more surgery to fix the bleeding
  • Higher chance of dying, initially, due to the potential for the stomach staple line breaking open
  • Breaking open of staple line of stomach may require major non keyhole re-operations and possibly being placed on life support machine. there is a 1% chance of this happening and it could mean a hospital stay of many months, being fed through a feeding tube or IV