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Who is right for you?

Some features to consider when choosing a weight loss surgeon:

Does s/he work as part of a team?

Does your weight loss surgeon work closely with dieticians, weight loss physicians and exercise physiologists? Weight loss surgery is not just about the procedure and a lot of support structures are required to make the surgery work.

Does the surgeon offer the full range of weight loss surgery services?

Gastric bands are not just the only type of surgery available. Other keyhole surgery options include sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass. There are many surgeons that just predominantly perform gastric banding surgery. Therefore, you may not be given the full range of options.

Is the weight loss surgeon nearing retirement?

Obesity is a long term disease that requires long term management. Surgeries have complications down the track. Is your surgeon going to be around to look after your issues down the track. Continuity of care is important. It will be very costly to transfer to another surgeon.

Has the surgeon received any formal training in weight loss surgery?

Has your weight loss surgeon spent time training under established bariatric surgeons? Gastric band surgery commenced in Australia in a big way around 2003. Many established surgeons in Australia have just recently added on gastric banding to their practices.