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Picture of scar after single keyhole (scarless) surgery

Posted on 23 Aug, 2010

This is a photo of a person’s belly button. This person had a gallbladder removed only three weeks ago. As you can see, this is the only scar created to remove the gallbladder. There are no cuts anywhere else on her belly.

In another few weeks’ time, especially if she gets a bit of fluff in her belly button, this scar, which is a tad smaller than a two dollar coin will become almost invisible being buried within the belly button.

This single keyhole or scarless approach is suitable for weight loss surgery – lap bands, sleeve gastrectomy, bowel surgery, appendix removal, etc.

Before being cut open, ask for a second opinion about single keyhole or scarless surgery. This is being performed right here on the Central Coast, NSW and represents a major advance on traditional keyhole surgery.