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Cost of gastric sleeve surgery – why is it so expensive?

Posted on 04 May, 2018

Many people ask why gastric sleeve surgery is so expensive. This is a great question.

  1. Weight loss surgery is not a magic, quick fix solution. Reputable clinics need to provide follow up care and also dietitians and surgeon post-op visits. It is not just about the one hour operation. Successful weight loss requires long term follow up.
  2. Without health insurance, the cost of surgery starts from about 18000. This seems like a large sum until you appreciate that when you go to a hospital, you see receptionists, nurses, cleaners, trolley people, orderlies and essentially you are paying for all of them to look after you during your gastric sleeve surgery stay.
  3. Medical equipment, anesthetic and medications are all expensive. We use six staple fires during gastric sleeve surgery – this alone can cost thousands.

We advise people not to look and baulk at the upfront cost of surgery. Rather consider it as a small investment in improving quality of life and length of life. Get answers to your questions about how much does gastric sleeve cost and start planning your journey.