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Can You Get a Second Gastric Sleeve?

Can You Get a Second Gastric Sleeve? Your Guide to Gastric Sleeve Revision

Posted on 03 Dec, 2020

Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most common weight-loss surgeries performed in Australia. In 2014-15, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reported that there were about 22,700 hospital circumstances of weight loss surgery in Australia. In 2023, that number is significantly higher. Considering that gastric sleeve surgery leads the way in popularity for obesity surgery in Australia, a significant amount of these reporting’s can be attributed to laparoscopic gastric sleeve gastrectomy. 


It’s not hard to see why gastric sleeve surgery is on the rise - even in 2023. The procedure provides a considerably higher success rate when compared to other weight loss procedures. Gastric sleeve patients generally experience rapid and dramatic weight loss within the first year after undergoing surgery. A form of restrictive weight loss surgery, gastric sleeve surgery patients can expect to lose up to 70% of excess weight within the first twelve months.


However, as is the way with any surgery or procedure, not everyone will see identical results. If sleeve gastrectomy surgery is not as successful and the results are not as expected and you have gained weight again, you may be wondering, "can you get a second gastric sleeve?" 

The leading Central Coast and Newcastle Gastric Sleeve Surgery clinic, Central Coast Surgery, are here to answer your gastric sleeve revision questions.


Can You Get Gastric Sleeve Twice?


If you’re someone who has had gastric sleeve surgery and have not been entirely satisfied with the results or have experienced weight regain, you might be wondering; can you get gastric sleeve twice? The short answer is yes – you can have a gastric sleeve twice. This is called gastric revision surgery, and for many, will help to get back on track after gastric sleeve and successfully reach weight loss and health goals.


There are many reasons as to why individuals might consider getting a gastric sleeve revision. The of the most common reason for people choose to have a sleeve gastrectomy revision is dissatisfaction with weight loss post-surgery. This may be in the context of not meeting weight loss goals or requirements, failure to lose weight after the surgery, or complications after surgery such as gastric reflux, stomach ulcers, chronic nausea or and dilation of the oesophagus.


So, how can you get a second gastric sleeve? Obesity surgery is not something that should be taken lightly and requires serious consideration and consultation with qualified medical professionals. It's not recommended that the first gastric sleeve surgery is seen as a trial - it takes serious lifestyle changes in order for weight loss to be successful over a long period of time. 


We highly recommend getting in touch with your original bariatric surgeon who performed the first weight loss surgery to discuss any complications you have experienced with the surgery or any dissatisfaction you feel towards the outcome of your gastric sleeve surgical procedure.


What Is Gastric Sleeve Revision?


Gastric sleeve revision surgery is a secondary surgery that is carried out on individuals who fail to see satisfactory results after their initial weight loss surgery.  


Did you know that 10% - 30% of gastric sleeve surgery patients require further intervention in order to improve or maintain their weight? While the procedure of gastric sleeve surgery is incredibly effective, unfortunately, the statistics show that it’s not always easy to change behavioural and lifestyle elements once the surgery has been conducted.


However, gastric sleeve revision surgery is likely to be required in order to repair or re-do medical complications related to the surgery. There can be instances in which the actual anatomy of your stomach has changed in a way that was intended in the surgery, and needs to be corrected. Alternately, you may be experiencing acid reflux, infection or other complications.


If you are dissatisfied with the results of your gastric sleeve surgery or have regained the weight post-surgery, it’s important to consider the alternative routes to leading a healthier lifestyle before going down the route of gastric sleeve revision surgery.


While at Central Coast surgery, we offer gastric sleeve surgery for Newcastle, the Central Coast and patients across NSW, whether or not we will perform gastric sleeve revision surgery really will come down to the patient. If you want to discuss the results of your gastric sleeve procedure, book a consultation with our weight loss clinic today, and we’ll provide a tailored approach to your weight loss journey, including expert advice on revision surgeries.


There are four options for gastric sleeve revision. We’ve listed them below in order of efficacy in long term weight loss. Keep in mind, the availability of these procedures comes down to the surgeon and the patient’s individual circumstances.


Duodenal Switch


The duodenal switch is a procedure that combines the stomach reconfiguration of the sleeve gastrectomy with a re-routing of the intestine that is typically performed during gastric bypass surgery. One of the less common weight-loss surgeries performed in Australia, the duodenal switch may be used as a gastric sleeve revision. Whether or not a duodenal switch is suitable for gastric sleeve revision depends on the patient, the operating surgeon, and the complications faced after the original gastric sleeve surgery.


Gastric Bypass


A gastric bypass is another effective solution that may provide a solution for when the gastric sleeve procedure was unsuccessful. Safer than the duodenal switch, only minor mineral absorption can occur with gastric bypass surgery. The gastric bypass procedure involves removing the top portion of the stomach and joining it to the oesophagus with the lower portion.




When someone asks, “can you get a second gastric sleeve?” they are referring to what’s known as a re-sleeve. Typically performed laparoscopically, re-sleeve surgery is one of the most common and safest options for gastric sleeve revision. A re-sleeve procedure involves reducing the size of the gastric pouch further. The main issue faced by those who undergo re-sleeve surgery is that the stomach could potentially stretch out again if the patient does not make drastic changes to behaviours and eating habits.


Lap Band Surgery


Another option for gastric sleeve revision is converting to a lap band device. A small, inflatable band is placed around the stomach sleeve, where it is inflated to restrict the amount of food that can be held in portion of the stomach pouch. Lap bands are not permanent and will need to be adjusted and eventually removed. Lap band surgery only provides long term result and is not always successful for gastric sleeve revision, so many bariatric surgeons will avoid turning to lap band surgery after a gastric sleeve.


Can You Have Bariatric Surgery Twice? 


Yes - you can have bariatric surgery twice; however, it’s important to note that the complications related to the surgery are significantly increased. While you can have bariatric surgery twice, whether or not your surgeon recommends you for a revision while depending on a number of factors including the type of surgery you had, the complications arisen, your weight, lifestyle behaviours and whether or not they consider your personal circumstances to be fit for a second bariatric operation. 


If your diet and exercise habits have slipped and you have consequently regained excess weight, you must try to lose the regained weight through reducing your calories intake and increasing your physical activity before you think about bariatric surgery revision.


Getting Back on Track After Gastric Sleeve


Gastric sleeve surgery is designed to reduce the appetite of patients who have had problems controlling their food intake. The behavioural change component is often a major part of ensuring that the major surgery. 


There are a few simple ways in which those who have had gastric sleeve surgery can recover without requiring secondary surgery. We outline ways in which patients are getting back on track after gastric sleeve and reducing the need for sleeve gastrectomy revision:


Regularly Check in With Your Surgeon or Medical Professional


One of the tell-tale signs of someone regressing into past behaviours which may be at risk of gaining weight post gastric sleeve surgery is a failure to turn up to appointments. Not only is avoiding the appointments with the surgeon or health professional over not losing weight negligent to your health, but it’s also a sure sign you might be on track to undoing all the hard work you’ve just put in by undergoing surgery. By keeping to all scheduled appointments, your weight loss progress can be monitored adequately, and any problems or complications that may arise and be easily resolved from the onset cannot be identified.


Change Behaviours


If the recommended lifestyle adjustments that accompany gastric sleeve surgery are not adhered to by the person who has received the weight loss surgery, it’s likely that the person will experience additional weight gain after the obesity surgery. For gastric sleeve surgery to be effective, you need to prioritise leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle to lose weight. 


Outlining a new routine that includes regular physical exercise and healthy eating habits, which are realistic and easy for you to stick to will be essential in maintaining the behavioural change. 


Seek Help If You Need It


Let’s face it – behavioural change can be really challenging for everyone, no matter what situation you’re in. Breaking habits that we’ve had for years can take some serious effort individually, and huge amounts of encouragement from your support network. 


Most importantly, there’s nothing to be ashamed of in seeking help to lose weight, especially if you or someone within your support network has identified a problem. Early detection can mean the difference between undergoing another invasive surgery or not. If you are having trouble adapting to your new lifestyle, it’s important to reach out – that’s what we’re here for. 


Central Coast Surgery are the leading experts in gastric sleeve Newcastle, the Central Coast and surrounding areas. In 2023, we're performing weight loss procedures more than ever before, and want to ensure our patients are achieving all weight loss goals, the first time around!

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