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Private Health Cover & Weight Loss Surgery

Posted on 29 May, 2018

As weight loss surgery is not commonly available in the public health system, it is best to have private health cover.

The most important thing to do is check that your health fund covers you for item number 31575, which relates to weight loss surgery. Most health funds will cover this but it never hurts to make sure, especially if you are joining a health fund with the intent of getting weight loss surgery.

If you are joining a health fund specifically to undergo weight loss surgery, then most likely, you will have a one year waiting period. Use this period wisely by reading up on weight loss surgery and actually losing weight.  Get into a diet and exercise routine that you enjoy and can continue after you have had the gastric sleeve or other weight loss surgery.

Planing ahead is a very good idea also. Once you know the date at which you will be covered by insurance to have the surgery, then you can make an appointment to see a surgeon. It is best to come to our clinic for an initial consultation about one month before your health cover kicks in so that you will be able to have your weight loss surgery straight away.

Dr Ken Wong