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Lap Band Surgery Sydney

Lap Band Surgery & Gastric Band Surgery Sydney | Central Coast Surgery


Central Coast Surgery is a weight loss clinic offering gastric band surgery for patients from Sydney all the way up to the Central Coast of Australia. If you live in or near Sydney, our weight loss clinic provides exceptional lap band procedures and recovery location away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. 

 Our leading gastric band Sydney surgeon, Dr Ken Wong, provides lap banding procedures and bariatric surgery to those experiencing extreme weight gain in the metropolitan of Sydney and the surrounding region. Backed by the support of an experienced team of dieticians, physicians, and psychologists, Dr Ken Wong works with Central Coast surgery patients reclaim their lives and get their health back on track with weight loss surgery. 

Central Coast Surgery offers gastric banding for Sydney patients who are thinking about weight loss procedures for obesity or severe health conditions associated with obesity. Just over an hour’s drive north of Sydney, the Central Coast offers a restful environment for lap band surgery recovery. All of our operations take place in the advanced facilities of Gosford &Wyong Public Hospitals, Gosford Private and Brisbane Waters Private Hospitals. 

When you engage with the Central Coast Surgery weight loss clinic for your lap band surgery Sydney, you will be provided with full-time professional support from our resident surgeon, your bariatric physician, psychologist and dietician. We also offer comfortable and relaxing accommodation for every patient to enjoy a peaceful and restful recovery while beginning their quest to leading a healthier lifestyle. 


What’s Involved in Lap Band Surgery Sydney?


Gastric band surgery Sydney is conducted under a general anaesthetic, as a laparoscopic procedure. This type of operation is minimally invasive, wherein the surgeon makes tiny incisions on the abdomen to place the gastric band on the stomach. The nature of laparoscopic lap band surgery Sydney means that the patient experiences minimal scarring and will have a relatively quick recovery. 

Gastric band surgery Sydney involves setting a band around the upper part of the stomach to create a small pouch that restricts the amount of food that can be consumed. During operation, the band is placed upon the upper part of the stomach to divide the stomach into two. The lap band is then attached to a thin tube that sits along the abdomen wall, which allows for the band to be adjusted, inflated and deflated with saline by the surgeon later on.

Gastric band surgery is a restrictive form of bariatric surgery that works by creating a smaller stomach pouch for the patient. The band is inflated and constricts the stomach so that the patient feels full after eating small amounts of food. The band also allows for a small outlet to the remaining stomach and the intestine, slowing down the passage of food. These two factors of lap bands in combination mean that patients are consuming less food than they usually would, are digesting slower, feeling fuller for longer, and subsequently losing weight. 

Lap band surgery was developed in the 1980s and has been performed in Australia for nearly 30 years, helping over 80,000 patients get their health back on track. Globally, gastric band surgery is one of the most popular and regularly performed weight loss procedures and has a long and standing record for overall success and safety. 

Gastric band surgery Sydney patients will typically resume their daily activities within a couple of weeks. Given the quick turn around and simple healing process, gastric band surgery Sydney comes with less risk than other weight loss operations like gastric sleeve or stomach bypass surgery. The gastric band is placed on the stomach, does not alter the gastrointestinal tract, and can simply inflate, deflate, and be removed when required. 


Why Have Gastric Band Surgery Sydney?


Gastric band surgery is one of the most prevalent and frequently performed weight loss operations in Australia. Gastric band surgery Sydney involves a process of placing an inflatable silicone device around a portion of the stomach. The device is surgically inserted, inflated with a saline, and divides the stomach into two through restriction. Lap band surgery Sydney works to manage and treat obesity by reducing the amount of food a person can physically consume. 

Obesity is one of Australia’s most prevalent medical conditions, a severe health concern that leads to reduced life expectancy and increased medical problems. Obesity is defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health. In 2017-18, the Australian Bureau of Statistics National Health Survey showed that two-thirds of Australian adults were overweight or obese. 

Obesity is a huge risk factor for several extreme health concerns. Those experiencing obesity are at high risk of developing cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, sleep apnoea, osteoarthritis, fatty liver disease, certain types of cancer, kidney disease and gallbladder disease.

For gastric band Sydney, the most common method for measuring obesity is calculating body mass index (BMI). BMI is determined by dividing a person’s weight (in kilograms) by their height (in centimetres), squared. Class 1 obesity is those with a BMI of 30-35, class 2 obesity refers to a BMI of 35-40, and a person with a BMI of more than 40 is regarded as class 3 obese, and suffering from extreme or morbid obesity. 

Those who fall into the category of obese or morbidly obese may consider gastric band surgery Sydney to kickstart a sustainable weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. At Central Coast Surgery, we generally require a patient to have a BMI of at least 30-35 before undergoing gastric band surgery Sydney. 


The Benefits of Lap Band Surgery Sydney


Laparoscopic lap banding surgery comes with a myriad of benefits for those who are obese. The main advantages of going with a lap band surgery over other weight loss operations include:

  • Expected long-term weight loss
  • Alleviation of obesity-related diseases
  • Speedy recovery
  • Less chance of post-surgery wound infections and hernias
  • No loss of nutrient absorption
  • Enhanced quality of life post-surgery

The amount of weight lost, and associated benefits that come with gastric band Sydney will vary for each patient. On average, lap band surgery Sydney patients experience between 40 and 60% of excess weight loss. 

Lap banding surgery will only support effective weight loss if the patient is committed to making long-term healthy choices. Often patients will experience dramatic weight loss immediately following gastric band Sydney; however, they will only continue to lose that excess weight if they implement a sustainable and long-term healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

The long-term weight loss after a gastric band will be determined by the dietary choices, eating behaviours, and amount of exercise undertaken. Patients can easily have their gastric band adjusted by their surgeon to aid weight loss efforts. However, this will not substitute for putting in the work externally to lose weight. 

Like any surgical procedure, lap banding comes with some possible risks and complications. Patients can experience adverse reactions during and after bariatric surgery. In saying that, gastric band surgery is one of the most commonly performed weight loss procedures in the world and is significantly safer than most other weight loss procedures.

Furthermore, our chief lap band Sydney surgeon, Dr Ken Wong, is at the forefront of bariatric surgery in Australia. An experienced laparoscopic and keyhole surgeon, Dr Ken Wong works closely with each patient, their physicians, a psychologist and a dietician to ensure each patient has the best possible start to their new healthy life. 


How Much Does Lap Band Surgery Sydney Cost?


Our lap band Sydney costs at Central Coast Surgery will depend on whether a patient has private health insurance or not. The cost of gastric band surgery Sydney NSW will be discussed thoroughly during the initial consultation, where you will also receive a printed quote. 

In terms of gastric band cost Sydney NSW, insured patients will be approximately $3,500 out of pocket. These costs cover the initial consultations, actual surgical procedure, follow-up appointments, physician, dietician and psychologist consultations.

Additional fees not included in our Central Coast Surgery lap band cost Sydney NSW fees are those that are not directly associated with the clinic. These fees include surgical assistance, the anaesthetist and pathology fees.

Lap band Sydney patients who do not have insurance cover will be out of pocket roughly $20,000. This includes everything from clinician fees to the anaesthetist and additional hospital costs.

If you are not insured, or your policy does not provide cover for gastric band surgery cost Sydney NSW, you still have the opportunity to either update your insurance levels. Alternatively, you may find a new insurance company that will provide adequate cover for weight loss surgery in Sydney.

While lap band surgery costs Sydney NSW is a significant financial commitment, it’s important to consider the enormity of the procedure and the many benefits that come with the support of a lap band. 


 Am I A Candidate for Gastric Band Surgery Sydney?


If you suffer from morbid obesity and have not been able to gain control over your weight, gastric band surgery Sydney can transform your life dramatically. Candidates for lap band surgery Sydney generally have a BMI of at least 35 or will have a BMI of 30 and are suffering from problematic weight-related medical conditions to qualify for lap band surgery Sydney. 

While lap bands are incredibly effective, gastric band surgery Sydney is not a quick-fix solution to getting back in shape. At Central Coast Surgery, we carefully assess each lap band Sydney patient to understand their history of failed weight-loss attempts to understand why conventional weight loss methods have not worked. If you’re considering lap band surgery Sydney, it’s crucial to understand that these weight loss procedures will only be successful if you are fully committed to making long-term eating, exercising, and consumption behaviours. 

Lap band surgery Sydney is particularly useful for those who have trouble sticking to small portions of food, rather than a habit of snacking or grazing being the leading cause of excessive weight gain. Gastric band Sydney patients that benefit the most will be those who have a history of being able to lose weight relatively quickly but struggle to keep it off. The lap band works to put a stop to any vicious dietary cycles through stomach restriction. 

Our lap band surgery Sydney weight loss services involve a holistic approach with a team of experienced surgeons, bariatric physicians, dieticians, and psychologists. Working together to help patients achieve their long-term weight loss goals, we believe we provide the best possible opportunities for patients to reclaim their lives. 

Based on the Central Coast, our weight loss clinic offers exceptional services for those living in the Sydney metropolitan and surrounding region. If you’d like to learn more about lap banding and how gastric band Sydney surgery can kickstart your new life, get in touch with one of our weight loss experts today.