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Lap Band Surgery Sydney

The following information is for residents of Sydney and the surrounding area, who may be considering Lap Band Surgery.

Dr Ken Wong has performed lap band surgery on many patients from the Sydney area.

For Visitors from Sydney, the Central Coast is a wonderful place to visit and recover, removed from the bustle and stress of a big city. For those travelling for the procedure, Sydney is not far at all from the Central Coast and offers comfortable accommodation and a very relaxed and beautiful environment in which you can relax and recuperate.

Weight loss surgery can be a viable option for the morbidly obese and may help to reduce the risk of serious health issues accompanying obesity. Lap band surgery is one of several options open to obese people and can make weight loss and maintenance much less arduous. While the following information can assist you in making an informed decision as to the right surgery option for you, it is necessary to obtain a professional opinion.

What is lap band surgery?

Lap bad surgery is a surgical procedure which involves the implantation of the laparoscopic adjustable gastric band into the body around the upper portion of the  patient’s stomach where it then restricts the amount of food the patient is able to consume. The lap band is a device made of silicone and can be inflated or deflated to adjust the usable volume of the stomach. The surgery is used by obese patients as a way to reduce their food intake for the purposes of weight loss and weight maintenance.

Laparoscopic surgery is performed on the patient, meaning keyhole incisions are made, which can minimise scarring and hasten recovery. The band is positioned around the upper portion of the stomach and assumes a pouch-like shape. The band is joined to the wall of the abdomen via a tube in order to enable adjustments in size of the band through the use of a saline solution. The procedure is performed under general anaesthetic and effectively reduces the amount of food a patient is able to consume. Through reduced consumption of food due to greater feelings of satiety, patients find that they lose weight more easily, and maintaining become much less difficult.

Lap band surgery is considered a safer alternative to other bariatric surgical options such as stomach stapling and stomach bypass surgery. Within a few weeks, patients are normally able to return to their regular way of life. The surgery is not permanent and can be reversed, making it a suitable form of weight loss surgery for patients who are wary of surgery with irreversible effects.

Are you a suitable candidate for lap band surgery?

Lap band surgery is designed for patients suffering from morbid obesity and who have been repeatedly unable to lose or maintain their weight. Lap band surgery can not only reduce your risk of life threatening diseases and a decreased life expectancy but can also enable you to reclaim your life and health in ways you never thought possible. When looking for solutions to obesity, it is important to not only consult a surgical professional but also other experts such as dieticians and psychologists in order to ensure that all aspects of your general wellbeing are placed in the care of people who can help you.