Weight Loss Surgery Options at Central Coast Surgery

Our Specialist Weight Loss Clinic Provides Lap Band Surgery and Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The team at Central Coast Surgery enthusiastically offers all procedures with regards to weight loss surgery. This includes lap band surgery, gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass surgery and the removal or adjustment of existing adjustable gastric bands. The Principal surgeon, Dr Ken Wong, is a highly experienced bariatric surgeon backed up by a team of dieticians, psychologists and specialist obesity physicians who will all be working very hard to ensure you get the best result from your surgery. Dr Wong’s specific focus as a surgeon is gastrointestinal surgery using keyhole surgical techniques which he favours due to the minimally invasive nature of the surgery and the shortened recovery times.

Surgery is provided for:

  • Gastric Sleeve Surgery
  • Gastroscopy / Colonoscopy
  • Keyhole Bowel surgery
  • Stomach surgery
  • Circumcisions
  • Undescended testes
  • Children’s surgery
  • Skin cancer surgery

Whenever patient circumstances permit it, Dr Wong utilises keyhole surgical techniques. Using these techniques benefits surgical patients in multiple ways, as decreased amounts of pain, shorter recover times and less time in hospital means that the inconvenience to your life is minimised and you can get back to your normal life sooner.

Initial consultations will happen within 3 weeks of contacting Central Coast Surgery as Dr Wong and his team understand a timely consultation is important to prospective weight loss surgery patients. If you are considering weight loss surgery options, whether it be a lap band surgery, gastric sleeve or any other bariatric procedure, then your first consultation is bulk billed.


Information for patients outside the Central Coast

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