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Weight Regain After Sleeve Gastrectomy

Posted on 29 May, 2018

I met a lady recently who had undergone sleeve gastrectomy about 18 months ago. She looked great. However, she was concerned that she was regaining weight. I explained to her that this is quite a normal phenomenon. Many patients tend to reach a maximal weight loss at one year, often down to a BMI of 26 or 27 and then slowly creep back up to BMI 28.

At this point, as long as careful diet and exercise is followed, the patient should remain at BMI 28. However, by the third or fourth year after sleeve gastrectomy there is a small number of patients, for a variety of reasons, will start to regain weight.

There are various options at this point. Usually we would start by seeing whether the sleeved stomach has dilated. Usually this involves a gastroscopy and a barium meal. If there is dilatation then there are the options of gastric banding the sleeve, re-sleeving the sleeve or converting the sleeve to gastric bypass.

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