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Weight Gain and Cancer Risk Links

Posted on 29 May, 2018

Amongst other things, excess weight doubles the risk of cancer. So weight loss surgery may well save life in more ways than expected…

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald in January pointed out the risks of weight gain and cancer. Some interesting points that came out of this article, published in a paper from the International Journal of Cancer, included:

  • The risk of death from prostate cancer nearly doubles in men who have put on 20 kilograms or more in their adult life.
  • Having a high body mass throughout life was associated with increased risk of aggressive prostate cancer.
  • Obesity is related to aggressive cancer

In summary Professor English, Director of the centre for molecular, environmental, genetic and analytic epideminolgy at Melbourne University said that one of his concerns was that “the study drew participants from a generation in which childhood obesity was not a significant issue. The higher rates of obesity among children now might worsen the outcomes.”

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