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Gastric sleeve after removal of lap band – the process

Posted on 29 May, 2018

Once you have made the decision to have your failed lap band removed, the process is quite straightforward.

1. Schedule an appointment with our clinic located at Suite 6 / 16 Hills Street Gosford.

You will need a referral from your  GP.

You will meet one of our surgeons who will organise a convenient date for lap band removal.

If you are in a private health fund – there will be no surgical fee. Check with your health fund that you are covered for item number 31584.

We operate at Gosford Private Hospital and most people can expect to stay overnight and take five days off work.

2. Come for post-op follow up at our clinic in four weeks time. Discuss further options such as gastric sleeve or gastric bypass.

3. Generally the normal practice is to wait three months between band removal and then conversion to gastric sleeve or bypass.

These are very different options and be sure to ask Dr. Ken Wong all the pros and cons of each option.

Gastric sleeve has less chance of weight loss success than bypass but much less longer term complications.

4. Revisit our clinic at about two months after lap band removal to schedule further surgery.