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Failed lap band surgery? Discuss your options

Posted on 29 May, 2018


You had lap band surgery a few years ago. You have now gained weight. You are getting reflux, nausea, food sticking and chest pains.

Its a no brainer. The lap band has to go.

Then what?

Your weight starts to climb again.  This is a difficult position. Do we do reband,  gastric sleeve or gastric bypass?

Re-band is no good. If it did not work the first time around, it is not going to work the second time

You meet many people who seem to have lost weight from gastric sleeve.

However, in someone that has had a lap band, the gastric sleeve simply does not work very well. In fact, having a gastric sleeve after lap band carries only 50% chance of success. That means, one in two people who have a gastric sleeve as a rescue operation for lap band will not lose weight at all.

So what is the solution? The jury is still out on this one. Discuss this topic with your surgeon carefully so that you can approach your revisional surgery with a fully informed mind.