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Why consider weight loss surgery?

Posted on 04 Sep, 2010

Surgery is a serious event. It is not like going for a haircut or picking up some groceries. Any surgery we perform on humans can carry very serious risks. Whilst most weight loss surgery is keyhole surgery and usually involves one or two nights in hospital, when complications occur, patients can be in hospital for months and be on life support.

However, excessive weight is a major problem. There is poor quality of life. It is tiring to get around, snoring problems, diabetes and joint pains are all part of being overweight. Overweight people have a shortened life expectancy. Therefore doing nothing is not an option.

Most people can lose weight with crash diets, weight loss programs and exercise. However, the weight comes back on again pretty quickly after a while, like a yo yo.

Weight loss surgery is the only intervention that can be used as a tool to keep weight down more permanently. It has to be used in conjunction with diet and exercise. It is not an easy solution. In fact, it is a very courageous decision to undergo surgery.

If nothing changes, then nothing will change. Weight loss surgery generally is safe and effective in helping people achieve their weight loss and life goals.

Come and talk to the experienced weight loss surgeons at the Central Coast Weight Loss Surgery Clinic to see how surgery can help achieve a better quality of life.