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Scarless surgery arrives on the Central Coast

Posted on 07 Aug, 2010

When patients come to consider surgery, most would choose keyhole surgery. Keyhole surgery can be performed on every structure in the belly. Most patients ask for keyhole surgery when they come to have their gallbladder and appendix taken out. However, many people are not aware that their bowel, pancreas, stomach or spleen can usually be treated by keyhole surgery. Especially when patients need these organs removed for cancer, keyhole surgery should be considered due to the quicker recovery and they can get on with other cancer treatments such as chemotherapy.

The latest advance in keyhole surgery is single keyhole surgery or scarless surgery. This is also known as single incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS).

Instead of several keyholes, the entire operation is done with a single keyhole hidden in the belly button so that the end result is virtually scarless.

This single keyhole approach has been used by experienced surgeons on the Central Coast since July 2010 with patients suffering from gallstones and requiring gallbladder removal.

This single keyhole approach gives the best cosmetic outcome and recovery prospects for patients.

Single keyhole surgery or SILS can also be performed for:

gastric band, lap band, sleeve gastrectomy, appendix, bowel cancer, spleen, partial pancreas surgery

When undergoing surgery, ask your doctor about single keyhole surgery. Otherwise consider getting a second opinion from the Central Weight Loss and Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre.