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Revisional surgery for gastric band, lap band, sleeve gastrectomy

Posted on 04 Nov, 2010

I often encounter patients who have previously underwent gastric banding and more recently, sleeve gastrectomy but have not achieved their weight loss goals. Sometimes side effects of their procedure such as constant vomiting, reflux and nausea have made them give up on their initial weight loss journey.

I advise people that obesity is a life-long situation. Therefore, it is unrealistic to expect a one-off quick fix.

I have had a fair bit of experience in helping remedying patients who have tried various types of weight loss surgery but still have not reached their goal. The key to this is not immediately further surgery but to try and identify what is not working. For example, if it is dietary impulsiveness, then further surgery may not help. However, there are many circumstances where further revisional surgery may be useful e.g. from gastric band to sleeve gastrectomy, from sleeve gastrectomy to gastric bypass.

Every patient’s situation is different and deserves an individualised approach to their problems. I invite them to contact my office on (02) 4323 7000 for a discussion on whether revisional surgery is suitable for their circumstances.