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Lap band/gastric band surgery Central Coast

Posted on 03 Oct, 2010

I met a patient who had undergone a lap band / gastric band several years ago. They initially lost weight but have now put it back on. When I asked them what had happened, she told me that they had simply given up. They had stopped seeing their surgeon or the dietitian.

So that means that the band is just sitting there doing nothing. I explain to all my patients that weight loss surgery is not a magic situation. It requires a lot of hard work, commitment and lifestyle changes to achieve weight loss. Sometimes, further surgery is required. Obesity is a long-term problem and quick fixes are currently not available.

When choosing a clinic or surgeon for weight loss surgery, make sure that there is some form of a follow-up program. The surgeon should work closely with dietitians so that follow-up can be easily arranged.

I am happy to help revise failed gastric bands and offer other surgical weight loss solutions such as sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass. However, no matter surgery is performed, it requires a strong commitment from the patient to maintain a sensible diet and lots of exercise.

If you want to learn more about your options in an informative consultation, contact our weight loss surgery today. While we are located in Gosford, NSW we do welcome patients from all over New South Wales and beyond.