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Keyhole surgery for bowel cancer

Posted on 06 Dec, 2011

Most bowel cancers and bowel problems can be treated with keyhole surgery. Keyhole surgery for bowel cancer is now the standard treatment. In fact, most conditions involving the belly can be treated with keyhole surgery. This is not just for cancers of the bowel but everything from adrenal gland, stomach, spleen, pancreas can be removed by keyhole surgery. Weight loss surgery including lap bands, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass is usually done with keyhole surgery.

Unless it is left too late. The picture above shows someone’s backside. The big pink ugly thing in between the butt cheeks is actually a large bowel cancer which has grown through the back passage after being neglected for many months. This situation is not curable sadly.

Posted on 20 Sep, 2010

The picture above shows the belly of a person who has just had a bowel cancer removed by keyhole surgery from their lower bowel, near the rectum and anus. (laparoscopic anterior resection) As you can see there are only four small bandaids covering the keyholes and a 7cm cut in a skin crease which will be covered by a little bit of the tummy fat fold. Almost a metre or two feet of bowel including the cancer was removed. Go and have a look at someone who has had their bowel removed by non-keyhole methods. Usually, they will have a mega cut that goes from ribs to pubic hair.

Besides using the latest cutting edge keyhole techniques for weight loss surgery, our clinic specialises in keyhole surgery for removal of any organ within the belly. We have significant experience in keyhole surgery for removing bowel cancers, stomach cancers, adrenal glands, spleen, gallbladder, appendix and pancreas. Dealing with cancer anywhere is difficult enough and keyhole surgery just removes the added stress of traditional methods of painful surgery.

Keyhole surgery results in smaller scars, faster recovery, shorter stay in hospital and earlier return to work. Remember, scars are for life. Keyhole scars will also mean less chance of wound complications down the track such as incisional hernia. Keyhole surgery is especially relevant to younger people and the young at heart.

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