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Good success with sleeve gastrectomy

Posted on 26 Jul, 2010

Having compared my gastric band patients and sleeve gastrectomy patients, I must say that I am developing a preference towards offering sleeve gastrectomy.

I find that my sleeve patients tend to lose weight a lot faster and therefore are much more motivated with their diet and exercise regimes. I mean who wants to wait years before achieving their weight loss goals. As one of my patients said, with diets, pills and the gastric band, often you are measuring grams whereas right from the start, weight loss after sleeve is in kilograms.

One man had been having diabetic injections for twenty years and one month after his sleeve was off almost all his diabetic medications. Now thats a really good reason to perform surgery. It makes it all seem worthwhile for both myself and the patient.

I always encourage people to come in for a chat about the various weight loss options. Whilst gastric band may be the most well known surgical option, is it the best option for everyone? Every obese person is different and deserves a tailor made approach to their weight loss goal.