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Cost of weight loss surgery – gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy

Posted on 26 Aug, 2010

I am often asked about the costs of weight loss surgery.

At the moment, this form of life saving surgery is not offered nor funded within the public health system on the Central Coast. When I meet non-insured patients who wish to have weight loss surgery, I advise them to join a health fund and come back to see me once their waiting period is up. This is a much better way of doing it than trying to come up with a big lump sum of money that is required of non-insured patients to have surgery in private hospitals. This is because all forms of weight loss surgery may require further operations and this is not supported within the public system.

For insured patients, it is totally a different matter. There is a once off fee of three and half thousand dollars. This covers consultations, further operations, dietitian and psychologist support. Remember, weight loss surgery is a life long journey and not a once off magic trick. The fee often pays for itself within a year or two as the patient most likely does not require further diabetic medications and often eats a lot less.

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