Sleeve gastrectomy in patients over 200 kilograms

At Central Coast Surgery, we have experience and success in looking after patients weighing more than 200 kilograms or a body mass index (BMI) of more than 60. These patients present extra challenges:

  1. Longer operating times
  2. Potential for failure of gastric sleeve to create meaningful weight loss

In our experience with preparing the super obese for gastric sleeve surgery, we often explain that they may need to go on to further surgery down the track, such as gastric bypass.

Before surgery, we ask them to go on to the Optifast diet, no food diet for four weeks. After gastric sleeve surgery, they also continue on Optifast. There is potential for an excess of 70 kilograms in weight loss with this process.

This video shows a 220kg man being prepared for Gastric Sleeve surgery. Note that this position is maintained for the three to four hours it takes to perform gastric sleeve/sleeve gastrectomy surgery.