Pinwheel flaps for cancers on scalp

Besides lap bands, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and other forms of weight loss surgery, Dr. Ken Wong also performs a lot of skin cancer surgery. The photos below show an elderly man who had a large skin cancer on the top of his scalp. This was cut out and skin was rotated like a Swastika to cover the defect. Flaps always give better results than skin grafts.

About a million stitches were put in!

The next photo show how it looks 4 weeks later after stitches have been taken out.

You can imagine how shocked his hairdresser was.

Finally, a photo at 6 months later, showing the chrome dome back to all its shiny glory.

As you can see, there are no dents, divets and funny coloured skin from the flap as you would expect from skin grafting.

These cases are an interesting diversion from sleeve gastrectomies, lap bands, gastric bypass and other abdominal surgeries which form a major portion of Dr. Ken Wong’s practice.

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