Weight Loss Surgery is not Cosmetic Surgery

Today, I met an interesting lady who came to talk to me about weight loss surgery. She had recently spent $10 000 on liposuction. However, she told me that she had still gained weight a few months later.

This shows a misunderstanding of the role of cosmetic surgery versus genuine weight loss surgery. Lap band or sleeve gastrectomy in a weight loss clinic with the assistance of dietitians and psychologists helps people lose weight permanently by addressing the physical and psychological causes of weight gain. Liposuction is purely a cosmetic procedure which does not have any effect on long-term weight loss. For further information on weight loss surgery, please refer to our website www.centralcoastsurgery.com.au or call (02) 4323 7000

Incidentally, I told this lady that lap band or sleeve gastrectomy costs only $3500 but will have much longer lasting effects!

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